Full concert of Kanye West at Coachella 2011.

Please check out this awesome site! For sure, you’ll love this. :)

Later, Bitchez!

All of the Lights-Kanye West ft. Rihanna & Kid Cudi (Alternate Version)

Teenage Stray

Summer is just around the corner, so I invited some of my friends to visit our longtime/bigtime friend, Jackie. She is currently living in Brunei with her parents as a Chef! Sosyal! :) She’s here for a vacation & she did cooked for us some Kaldereta! Yum, yum.

(From L-R): Jonard Palteng, Sir DeeGee De Guzman, Reijine Quevada, John Eimar, ME, Jackie Malig(btw, she is a muslim na!)

Me & Ameera! I just used her Muslim name! Haha!

Our photographer that day, Sir DeeGee De Guzman. Paandar! Broom Brooom! HAHA!

I miss this girl. We haven’t seen each other for a very long time, almost 8 years! I guess. Haha! Meet my BES, Reijine. :)

Another group shot! Just tripping around with those plywood’s! HAHA!

The ‘WTF’ shot. Loljk! :)

Before going home, another group picture! Picture-addicted much?! Self-timer is just the best! HAHA!

My outfit for that day:

Shirt: SM Boys Teen Wear Department

Jeans: Folded & Hung

Combat Boots: Rover (Thrifted)

My new babies! :)

It was a fun-fulfilling day with dearest friends. How we reminisce each others memories when we’re still in our grade school days. I miss those times. HAHA! 

We’ll see each other real soon!

Little Tiny Bird.

Little Tiny Bird.